Client: Scarves & Glitters
Location: Dubai, UAE
Year: 2020
Surface Area: 80 m2
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó
Team: Aya Ulan, Catalina Cardona, Anna Garreta
Photographer: Joel Amparo
Services: Interior Design, Product Design, Brand Book
Ecodesign tools: materials, modular design
Graphic design: abast design
Press clipping:


The art of local traditional crafts

Deardesign studio develops the first physical store for leading lifestyle accessories seller, Scarves & Glitters. The brand specializes in handmade textiles that represent the crafts of the countries of the Arab Sea, and also gives visibility to this work and preserves its origins.  The new store is located in the most important shopping center in the world – The Dubai Mall.

The new space is conceived as a warm and bright setting for a wide variety of products offered by Scarves & Glitters.

The concept of the store is linked to the art of local traditional crafts.

The space is dressed with elements inspired by textile manufacturing tools, the traditional loom.  The natural materials have been carefully selected respecting the traditions of Emirati architecture.

The vertical surfaces resemble traditional Emiratis architecture influenced by arid climate.

This is emphasized with the central piece of the space, the  windtower inspired wall,
that welcomes the visitors of the store.

Deardesign studio creates a loom-inspired perimetral  lighting system to underline the textile expertise of the brand.

The space is ornamented with a central chandelier structured as a loom, a guiding thread of the concept.

At the base of the concept, ecodesign tools have played an important role.  For example, the modular system of the walls allows the configuration of different compositions for the exhibition of the products and also facilitates the reuse of their elements.

In addition, deardesign studio proposes a family of 5 freestanding elements (i.e. tiered display stand, rack for the scarves, drawers) that serve as a display surface and storage in the integrated drawers.

Guided by sustainable design aspects, deardesign studio advised on use of  ecodesign tools.






Subsequently, the studio developed the style manual guide with a selection of natural materials prioritizing their recycled content, recyclability and provenance.

Scarves & Glitters carried out the production.