Client: Zenden
Location: Moscu & all Russia
Year: 2013
Surface Area: variable
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó
Team: Clàudia Raurell, Joan Astallé , Alex Requesens
Photography: Zenden documentation
Services: Interior Design, Product Design, User Wellness, Technology Integration, Branding & Graphic Design

ZENDEN Shoe Stores, Russia

Gaining space to generate embracing experiences

deardesign created a new concept for the corporate image of the Russian shoes brand Zenden. Assuming footwear as the protagonist, this is the first concept implantation in Moscow over the entire Russian country.

The furniture generates different zones of displayed product and has been conceived to create a circuit allowing the circulation through transition spaces.

Design generates in consumers an embracing experience guiding them through a fluent route. The self-service concept is enhanced with clear and easy signposting system.

ZENDEN Shoe Stores, Russia

The linearity of the standard shelf is understood to innovate and increase the flexibility of displaying options.

Geometry and finishing colours were born from distinctive lines of Zenden´s logo reinforcing brand’s identity. The contrast between shoe boxes and footwear creates the coexistence of two worlds (internal/external) in the furniture itself.

The product is stored at the display zone. By reading a code we can retrieve where shoes are kept.

The flexible and continuous exhibition space allows to change the product location without needing to make any furniture alteration

ZENDEN Shoe Stores, Russia