Client: Berneda S.A
Location: Berlin, Germany
Year: 2011
Surface Area: 60 m2
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó & Eric Dufourd
Team: Michele Cariglia, Dorien Peeters
Photography: Marion Lammersen
Services: Interior Design, Product Design
Press clipping:

MUNICH Bread & Butter Booth, Berlin

A reinterpretation of a store concept with a new dark look

Munich released its brand new collection of sneakers at their booth at Bread & Butter in January 2011, the fashion fair of urban clothing that happens in Berlin.

Totally made out of black MDF and lightbox, it is in a way the continuation of the Valencia shop in a new and recalculated application.

The ‘X’ brand symbol is repeated as a structural element to reinforce Munich’s visibility in an arena that wraps the visitors.

MUNICH Bread & Butter Stand, Berlín

The easy way of displaying the shoes make the product attractive and easily accessible to the consumer. The technical constructive solution consists in repeated black MDF panels cut by laser and built up without screws. By this way it could be sent directly to the constructor to make all the cuttings and assemble all the pieces together in just 10 days.