Client: Roca Sanitarios
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2015
Surface Area: 100 m2
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó
Team: Laia Freixes, Verónica Carreño
Photography: Xavi Torrent
Services: Interior Design, product design, user wellness, Branding & Graphic design
Press clipping:

NOAH’S ARK, Roca Gallery Madrid

A methaphorical installation where products get alive

Under the name ‘Noah’s Ark’, we designed for Roca a structure that showcases an iconic trajectory of the brand paying tribute to its hundred years of history, at their window of their Gallery in Madrid.

Thanks to a surprising and attractive look and with a touch of humour, when approaching the window the visitor can observe how taps, showers, bidets and toilets are getting onto Noah’s Ark in pairs of two, such as if they were emblematic species of our civilisation.

We have used simple lines and pure shapes to highlight the most relevant products of Roca’s portfolio and chosen for the black and white contrast: white for the white lacquered wood structure of the ship, and black for the support surface to recreate and endless sea.

Through this metaphor we want to transmit that Roca will keep on working to help the evolution of their products, as it happened with all species that got onto Noah’s Ark,

always investing on the quality of design, client needs and respect for the environment.

Roca Madrid Gallery’s window was conceived as an exhibition space, where the company’s brand values are reflected through temporary visual and creative proposals.

ARCA DE NOÉ, Roca Gallery Madrid