Client: Custo Barcelona
Location: London, UK
Year: 2012
Surface Area: 150 M2
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó & Eric Dufourd
Team: Christian Leibenger, Claudia Raurell, Antoine Coubronne
Photography: Jonathan Richards- Picture Studios Ltd
Services: Interior Design, product design, user wellness, technology integration
Awards: IDEA-TOPS 2012- 1st Prize Commrcial Space category
Press clipping:

CUSTO BARCELONA Flagship Store, Westfield, London

An extension of the mediterranean essence beyond material

Custo Barcelona opened its first store in London, at the Westfield Strattford City shopping Center, in the times of the Olympic Games in 2012.

Our concept proposal was to travel back to the most inner essence of the brand: the Mediterranean. Under this theme we travel further a physical place, it is about a certain light or colour, a way of being, acting, relating, a way of life.

Attitude, Emotion, Experience, Community and Contrast, are for the studio the new brand attributes that must accompany the the firm within its new strategic plan in order to create the difference.

CUSTO BARCELONA Flagship Store, Westfield Mall London

The aim of the concept is to enhance the items conceived as the center of attention and highlighting their quality and exclusiveness. We surround them by a clear, bright and neutral space. Through the products, we reinforce the own identity of Custo Barcelona, reflecting the brand DNA.

In this new identifiable and genuine scenario, the topography and sinuous lines that belong that much to the Mediterranean coast, are re-interpreted.

Custo Barcelona creations are exhibited in a familiar and surprising landscape, generating sets of lights and shadows, textures and volumes.

Combined with the intricate ceiling design which surrounds the trading space the new store has a unique sense of retail theatre.

Situated in The Arcade area of Westfield Stratford City the store features white timber wall panels, stainless steel hanging rails, grey resin flooring and interactive mirrors.

Considering the new technological era we live in, we created an own network which allows customers to extend their experience beyond physical space: the Customunity.

It consists on interconnecting and to emphasise the feeling of belonging to the Custo tribu, linked stores, a new shopping experience where local and global meet, and the here and now generate instant reactions worldwide.

The new store concept defines a challenge to get a balance between the art of crafts (Custo Barcelona creations) and technology (social media): it pretends to reunite the followers of Custo Barcelona at new spaces dedicated to the origins of the brand, reconciling old and new, history and the way forward.

CUSTO BARCELONA Flagship Store, Westfield Mall London