Client: GM179 S.L.
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2014
Surface Area: 40 m2
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó
Team: Paulina Calcagno, Sebastián Pereyra
Photography: Xavi Torrent
Services: Interior Design, Product Design
Press clipping:

MYNT Flagship Store, Barcelona

Creating visual rhythm

deardesign developed Mynt’s flagship store concept, a fashion and accessories brand, located in a shopping center of Barcelona.

The concept is based on a tridimensional grid which creates a visually permeable volume, commanding the space whilst generating niches where to display the product. The elements of the structure grow progressively inspired by the recurrence relation of the Fibbonacci sequence suggesting an open and continuous expansion of space.

The grid has a dedicated exhibition place for each item, and also grants the versatility of the showroom, so the display elements can be rearranged with the arrival of new products.

Lighting works as a compositional element in order to emphasise the rhythm of the grid with a mirror on the celling which enlarges the space optically.

As we approach, the façade gets gradually inside of the store, creating a variety of different perspective views and generating diverse experiences in every spot, amplifying the effectivity of exhibition meters.

The shop window has a double reading, as the exhibition can be seen both from outside and inside when being in front, and also creating the illusion of solid when approaching from each sides.

The back side of the store has a space conceived for storage and staff facilities.


Materials are used in their purest state: natural plaster slab, cement-like floor, wood. Wood and white glaze finishings has a grading set of contrasts which ends exposing the texture of the original material.