Client: mVentures – Barcelona City Council
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2016
Surface Area: 730 m2
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó
Team: Laia Freixes, Marta Bartolomé, Anna Garreta
Photography: Xavi Torrent
Services: Interior Design, Product Design, User Wellness, Branding & Graphic Design
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MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL Offices – mVentures Barcelona

Granting flexible collaboration

mVentures is a startup accelerator branch programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB). Located in the emblematic “Palau de Mar – Tech City” building, its new office is a workspace for emerging and early-stage startup companies.

With this project we wanted to create a flexible and dynamic place for innovators and entrepreneurs where to encourage social interactions between startup teams and increase creative thinking and collaboration. To reach this objective, a mix of environments were designed to suit collaboration, socialising, business needs and privacy when needed.

MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL Offices - mVentures Barcelona

There is a variety of spaces — entrance/lounge area, presentation space, open office, and closed meeting rooms – organised around the central amenity area, which is lined in pine wood and can be hidden by closing the volume with hinged, tilted and sliding doors.

The design supports a highly dynamic working atmosphere with open offices, semi-private discussion areas, lounge areas and private meeting rooms, calibrated for both private and collaborative activities.

In order to guarantee the highest flexibility, the open office space is equipped with one type only of furniture. This easy-to-move and versatile piece is made out of white lacquered steel and designed in a way that can host elements for different uses. By moving this furniture, the distribution of the areas can change, according to kind of activity that needs to be held.

A light colour palette was selected for all interior surfaces with the incorporation of two intense colors: light blue-green as mVenturesBcn corporate colour and maroon as a warm touch. The texture and colour of natural pine wood has also a strong presence in the project in order to create a cosy environment. The honeycomb cellular polycarbonate sheet is used as a translucent visual separator that allows light to pass through but also permits to glimpse people’s silhouettes. In the most occupied areas, such as the open office area, plants are also placed in order to generate a warmer atmosphere, due to the high volume of working hours. Additionally, several art and graphics installations animate the overall space.

MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL Offices - mVentures Barcelona