Client: Berneda S.A
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2011
Surface Area: 100 m2
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó & Eric Dufourd
Team: Dorien Peeters, Michele Cariglia
Photography: Xavi Mañosa
Services: Interior Design, product design, user wellness
Press clipping:

Mini Munich Las Rozas Pop-Up Store, Madrid

A different football field for children

This project was a temporary shoe store of Munich’s footwear for kids in Las Rozas Village in Madrid to take shoe-selling to new heights using helium-filled balloons and a childlike design perspective. The design concept is a continuation of the first design installed at the Pop Up Store of La Roca Village in Barcelona.

Upon entering the pop-up store, the first thing one would notice was the scale of the design elements. Both the wares on display and the design of the temporary shoe boutique leave no doubt that the aim was to make Munich’s customer feel like at home, within a space inspired by the soccer universe. The playing environment makes children ask their parents to bring them to the space in order to have fun, this allows adults to buy without stress and for a longer time as the kids are enjoying.


The singularity of the space (long and narrow) presented us a challenge which we resolved by using the side wall as part of the soccer field. With this solution we gained visual width and also the children could have a fun game by kicking the ball onto the wall within a short space dimension.

The illustrations on the wall and the shoe samples hanging from helium-inflated balloons – a new way make the most of the unoccupied space to communicate the essence of the brand and generate emotions – show the designer’s attempt to combine temporary functionality with an interesting care for design.

The same applies for the recyclable pallet-based storage that comes directly from the factory and can be reused.

The design and assembly was done in a short period of time, with the idea in mind that the displays could be easily dismantled whenever necessary.