Client: Utani Social Lab
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2010
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó & Eric Dufourd
Services: Product Design
INNOVA 2010 – best educational product

MESOSFERA, Interactive Learning Table

Introducing new ways of learning through technology

We developed for Utani Social Lab, a Barcelona based company, the Mesosfera Interactive Learning Table. Introducing technology in the education sector through a new way of learning and playing at school.

Mesosfera is an interactive recreational learning table designed which allows the teachers and students, from preschool until high school, to work together in a group on any subject (allows for 8 to 10 students around the multi-touch surface). Mesosfera doesn’t come with programmed content, but has all the necessary functions for the group to generate it whilst working.

Mesosfera, Mesa educativa interactiva

With Mesosphera it’s possible to learn about the following subjects:

– Geography
– Maths
– Music
– Astronomy
– Natural Science

It’s a new educative tool that speaks the language of the digital age and creates a meeting place for teachers and students.

Mesosfera, Mesa educativa interactiva

Mesosfera can enrich and stimulate any child’s multiple innate intelligences.

Its objective is to offer the child new formulas for learning besides books and conventional methods. It has integrated speakers and a small screen for the teacher to select the content to be shown over the table.

Mesosfera, Mesa educativa interactiva
Mesosfera, Mesa educativa interactiva