Client: CaixaBank Facilities Management
Location: Barcelona
Year: 2019
Surface Area: 2.000 m2
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó
Team: Catalina Cardona, Aya Ulan, Paul Serizay, Anna Garreta
Services: Interior Design, Product Design, User Wellness, Technology Integration

CAIXABANK Offices, Barcelona

Reflecting the company’s cultural transformation through the workspace.


CaixaBank Facilities Management (CFM) is the subsidiary responsible for managing the Group’s General Services, including all site management, maintenance, procurement execution and logistics of the group.

The new offices of CFM in Barcelona are designed as a key instrument of cultural transformation being carried out in the company.

For this will be the physical space in which the day-to-day of this transformation elapses:

“Las personas, lo primero” (People first).

Deardesign studio is responsible for the design project for the new CFM offices.

The result is a people-centred space that enables a culture of collaboration and efficiency.

The project creates a dynamic and innovative place to improve process performance and embodies the transversality of the company.

With the premise of a Mediterranean climate, use of natural materials with a touch of color, deardesign creates a welcoming and more humanized environment, with spaces that enhance creative thinking and relationship between colleagues, thus improving the experience of the employees.

The design provides a highly dynamic working atmosphere
in large open spaces.

Organized through separating corridors and informal meeting spaces act like communicating vessels, they generate a wide variety of fluid spaces such as private or semi-private meeting rooms, telephone booths, room for collaborative activities (the “think room”), relaxation areas for socialization, etc.

The visual and acoustic separation is achieved through the lockers (made-to-measure with Dynamobel) that mark the traffic flows, also emphasized with the different colors of the carpet pavement to help mark the different work areas, in addition with indirect linear lighting in the corridors.

The distribution of natural light in space is socialized, “Light for all!”, making the most of the open spaces.

To ensure the maximum flexibility of employeesthe open office is equipped with a single type of fixed furniture without storage space by Forma5, a “hot desk” type of work station.

The sensation of an open space is enhanced with the ceiling, it is not sectorized,and becomes continuous, only interrupted by suspended linear lights and technical acoustic solutions.

Following the transformation towards sustainability in the deardesign studio, we incorporate Ecodesign tools through use of  recycled materials, and offer sustainable and high quality solutions such as:

  • Heartfelt modular acoustic ceiling by Hunter Douglas, 100 % recyclable or easily reusable,  Cradle 2 Cradle certified
  • Interface modular carpet tile. Ice Breaker with 75% recycled thread content.
  • Tarkett modular carpet tile. Desso Linon with an Ecobase 100% recyclable and 80% recycled content with regenerated yarn Econyl, Cradle 2 Cradle certified