Editor: Fern·
Design studio: deardesign studio
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó
Design team :, Ignasi Llaurado, Aya Ulan, Paul Serizay
Photographer:  xavitorrent.com
Services: Interior Design, product design, user wellness, Furniture

FERN· Sustainable Furniture Collection, Paris

Fern· and deardesign studio Transform Recycled Materials into Eco-responsible, High-end Office Furniture Built for Workplace Wellness

The Fern and deardesign team traveled over the course of 18 months, from the rocky landscapes of Provence to the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia, in search of the people and materials that would inspire their collection.

Ecological mindset and sustainability for a positive impact.

These furniture pieces tell the story of collaboration between people who take a stand for integrity and sustainability. The collection aims to be the answer for professionals eager to have a positive impact on the environment.

Quality, unwanted materials lead to circular design

The furniture collection highlights the potential for upcycled and recycled materials to reduce impacts on the environment, and to aid in achieving social and economic balance.

A collection by and for people, based on the concept of “second life”

This collection shows the vital nature of collaborative relationships between client, designer, and craftspeople. It supports the values of inclusion, humanism, and sustainability and their commitment to produce efficient, personalized pieces that bring balance to a resilient ecosystem.


The FD desk, the leading piece of the collection, features traditional craftsmanship, new materials, and integrated connectivity elements suited to modern workspace environments.

FD is characterized by its timeless form and refined lines with beautiful detailing.

It combines two materials that conform to the idea of sustainable design: French oak recovered from old SNCF train floors and Durat®, a product made from recycled plastic.

Two storage units, IL and AU, supplement the FD desk to present an inclusive office collection. These storage units are made from recycled MDF and reclaimed oak.


AU box is a storage solution for professionals seeking an efficient and organized workspace.

The soft edges of the box shield users from sharp corners, while the curved angles create a feeling of lightness. Recessed handles complete the look, letting users partake in an inviting tactile experience.


IL offers personal or team storage within nested dual shelves. This piece can also act as a space divider, structuring workspace for effective flow.

The sliding doors work to minimize space use and to ensure easy manipulation.

A recovered metal frame gives a nod to contemporary aesthetics while maintaining functionality for tidy surfaces.


The collection also features the CI tables designed for common areas promoting interaction between employees.

New paradigm of sustainability in line with environmental needs.

Each of these pieces offers solutions for professional spaces, while inspiring and allowing companies to take a stand for sustainability and to reduce their environmental impact.

It should be noted that all finishes, varnishes, and lacquers are water-based and in line with widespread eco-friendly philosophies. The result is a sustainable collection that adheres to the European standards of safety, resistance, and durability in office furniture.