Client: Cook & Taste
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2017
Surface Area: – m2
Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó
Team: Adriana Camps, Anna Garreta
Photography: Xavi Torrent
Services: Interior Design, product design, user wellness

COOK & TASTE, Barcelona

Learning to cook, like at home.

Cook&Taste was the first cooking space in the center of Barcelona located just a few meters from Plaça de Sant Jaume. The visitors can receive cooking lessons from professional chefs and afterwards they enjoy the meals which they have prepared.

COOK & TASTE, Barcelona

deardesign planned a re-styling of the initial interior design project. The main idea which guided the new design was to take the most profit from the useful areas giving them a much more cosy atmosphere having the feeling that one is invited to someone’s home and not a commercial space where to learn the secrets of the local Mediterranean cuisine on a relaxed and easy way.

The visitor enjoys a sensory experience through the creative cuisine of Cook&Taste which can be tasted afterwards in a warm and intimate surrounding.

The place, divided in three well separated and spotted zones, had to show the mediterranean essence easily. It is a space where many tourists come to learn how to cook local recipes. For that reason, the space had to transmit the feeling of comfort, like being at home. The Cook&Taste sessions are attended by groups of friends who, after learning how to cook the recipes guided by a professional, have the chance to sit around the table, enjoy the cooked dishes and extend the evening as if they were at their own home. Each group of attendees is placed in different kitchens and dining rooms.

To reach these goals, the already existing materials of the walls were enhanced thanks to the lighting design creating a surrounding and more informal environment.

A wooden structure was made to highlight the area from where the lighting lineal system is hanging.

The furniture is conceived to adapt the space to the capacities and needs of each moment and situation.

By this way, the furniture is also enabled to act as an office area at the same entrance zone.

At the glass door of the façade, an illustration of the artist Kike Torres was installed with mediterranean elements acting as a common thread throughout all the space connecting with the interior design.

At the dining room area another illustration was placed which besides decorating shows the inner essence of the creative mediterranean cuisine which goes a step beyond traditional recipes.

Besides, the lamps were customised with proper kitchen elements like metallic plates and trays, transporting the cooking experience beyond taste and taking it up to the interior design.

COOK & TASTE, Barcelona
COOK & TASTE, Barcelona